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I was thinking about how a piece of glass can become an heirloom, being passed on to the future generations.  I also wanted to bring content to the piece through the use of symbolism.  I thought that I would use the colors of earth and light, as that is what we are made of.  Fine, I thought, now what are the colors of earth and light?  Then I thought, if I know what I really want to say, it will all become clear.  So I used the green to represent the idea of new growth and hope for the future; the reds to symbolize our blood ties to the past and gold and silver to convey the richness that we bring through our heritage.

The companion series with the pontil-drawing is called ROOTS.  Both series are done on the beautiful blue-black glass that I developed.  The special green glasses that sparkle are chromium based glasses that ore right at the point of precipitating out…’metal-fleck’.  I like to share my knowledge and my passion for the medium to help others develop their appreciation of both art and glass.

Linda Westrom
Rhythms Artglass
Saltair, Vancouver Island