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  One day as I was looking around our gallery I thought, “I have no images of people…Faces would give a different kind of emotional content…” and I started to wonder if I could bring a human element into my imagery.
   I thought of how the image of the Buddha is very peaceful and radiates peace into its surroundings.  I also thought of how Picasso combined both the side profile and the full frontal image together on the same plane… I like to demonstrate various ways that perception has been enhanced by the artists of the past.
   It is interesting to note that all of my pontil drawing is done upside down and far away.  I did not know if I would be able to draw the image that I saw in my mind, but you never know until you try!  These pieces require intense focus and precision and require several hours to complete.  I do not open the studio to visitors when I am trying to execute these images.  I can not erase the lines.  The sensual surface that I use for the texture of the skin looks very soft and shimmery.  I try to create a personality on both sides of each piece and use the flowing hair to accentuate the features.
    If you have one in your window, the  face radiates both outwardly and in to your home.  I am  trying to communicate a peaceful, easy feeling. I think this is what many of us try to achieve in our home and surroundings.
    This ArtSeries is blown using the beautiful black artglass that I have developed that has the ability to absorb the ultraviolet from the sun.  The features will be highlighted by the increased  vibrational energy.

Linda Westrom
Rhythms Artglass
Saltair, B.C.,Vancouver Island, Canada