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I've always had a great love for learning and during my extensive University years I studied a wide variety of subjects from both the sciences and the arts. My passion for glass began in 1979 while I was studying sculpture at the U of A in Edmonton. After attending the Portland Glass Conference in 1980 my focus became clear: if I could learn to blow glass, I would eventually have the technical skills, extensive knowledge and expensive equipment to create in this most challenging and demanding medium.

In 1981, Claude Duperron and I formed a partnership and began Rhythms Artglass Studio. It has always been important to me that we formulate our own glass colors. I find the alchemy of glass-making fascinating and in my experimentations I have developed a glass that is solar sensitive and changes color over time. Another glass called dichromic, changes color between day and night, as the light goes from refracted to reflected. Our glass colors make our work distinctive and adds to the emotional impact of our Art Series pieces.

"I feel that glass is an exciting, seductive medium, both in the visual and the tactile sense and combined with an artistic vision it's inherent beauty gives it the potential to touch an inner chord"...


My impressionist imagery begins with an idea I would like to communicate and the series continues as long as the need. The "RAINFOREST" series is reflective of the concern that we all feel for our environment. The series entitled "ROOTS" was created to symbolize what we receive through our familial ancestral connections. In the series "STARRY, STARRY NIGHT" I have tried to capture the twinkling, shadowy wonder of the night landscape.

I also love to share my enthusiasm for the medium. I enjoy talking to the people who collect my work and Claude and I have chosen to promote ourselves throughout Canada by using the major juried craft shows to reach the greatest number of people. Our travels have also allowed us to obtain many fine galleries from coast to coast.


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University of Alberta; B. Sc.; 1972-75
University of Alberta; B.F.A.; 1975-79
Alberta College of Art; 1980-81
Group Show; A.C.A.; 1981
Established Rhythms Artglass Studio; 1981
Instructed Workshops; 1982 & 1983
Artisans '83; Trelivings Gallery, Vancouver
Christmas '83; Tantalus Gallery, Powell River
Perfume and Paperweight Exhibition; Rubaiyat Gallery, Calgary; 1983
Invitational Glass Show; Circle Craft Gallery, Vancouver; 1984
Cameron Rogers Scholarship; CABC; 1984
Pilchuk Glass School; Washington; 1984
Cowichan Valley Arts Council Scholarship Award; 1984
C.V.A.C. Spring Arts Show Awards; 1987
C.V.A.C. Spring Arts Show Awards, Best In Show Award; 1988
B.C. Regional Arts Show; Award; Nanaimo, 1988
B.C. Festival of the Arts; "Images and Objects Show"; Kimberly, 1988
B.C. Glass Artists Show; Victoria Art Gallery; 1989
Best In Show Award; Cameo Christmas Craft Fair; 1989
C.V.A.C. Spring Arts Show; Awards; 1991
Regional Art Show; Award; Duncan; 1991
First B.C. Hot Glass Art Show; Simon Fraser Gallery; 1991
B.C. Glass Arts Association Members Show; 1992
C.V.A.C. Spring Arts Show; Award; 1992
B.C. Regional Arts Show: Campbell River; Award; 1992
B.C. Festival of the Arts; "Images and Objects Show"; Vernon, 1992
Crafthouse Invitational Show; Vancouver; 1992
"April Fools" Chemainus Artists Show; Duncan Art Gallery; 1993
Applied Arts Show; Courtney Art Gallery; 1993
Endeavour'93; Canadian Crafts Museum; Vancouver; 1993
Splash!; Art's Umbrella; Vancouver; 1993
Victoria Art Gallery; April,'94; Victoria
Best Craftsmanship Award; Cameo Spring Show; Edmonton; '94
Visions Studio Tour; Spring, '94
V.I.P. Studio Tour; Fall, `94
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery; G.A.A.C. Members Show; Summer '94
B.C. Provincial Museum; `From Bottles To Art Glass'; February, '95

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