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I see the image of the Rainforest as being particularly relevant.  This concern that encompasses us all and transcends our borders will be seen as an image of the times. In this series I have tried to create a visual pathway into and through a peaceful, green forest; I have put in the colors of the rocks and the shadows and the dead leaves on the forest floor. I have included the sunlight glistening on the tangled undergrowth. Careful control of the colors gives depth to the picture. The imagery is created using small chips of colored glasses. First the background is carefully arranged, picked up and fused onto the piece. Next the trees are drawn on and fused in. Then the piece is blown There are two versions of the RAINFOREST series. Some of the pieces have been fumed as the final step. This gives the imagery a soft glowing iridescence and a feeling of a misty atmosphere Some of the pieces have the bright shimmery feeling of a sun-washed day They all have a feeling of communion with Nature.  


Blown Glass By Linda Westrom