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When the Mars Rover discovered  there may be water under the surface of the red planet I was in awe and I was inspired.  I realized that the universe may truly be filled with life.  The moon and the stars, like the comets and meteorites, may be like dirty snowballs in the cold vastness of space. There may be a lot more potential for life everywhere.
This particular glass called to me: it is called dichromic.  Dichromic means two colors.   This special glass that I have developed is red in reflective light and blue (or green) in transmitted light.  The refective red surface makes me think of the color of Mars and the blue that appears in transmitted light is representative of the water beneath the surface.  I felt like I wanted to commemorate this important discovery by making these pieces.  We live in extraordinary times.
At the same time as I was pondering the imagery I would develop to use with this special glass, the old weather adage came to my mind:  “ Red sky at night, sailors’ (or shepherds’) delight…”.  I thought about how this is a phrase about hope and potential.  The next day will be fine…  I felt that others would also be able to relate and resonate with the idea.  The future is filled with hope.
I have tried to develop two sets of imagery with this idea: one image tries to capture the feeling of dark waters and shimmery moonlight under a red sky, while the other tries to capture the feeling of the barren, dry, rocky expanse that we all viewed from the returned images of Mars.
A funny thing happened at the same time as I was developing this Artseries.  Claude had a dream that Neil Young came over for a visit.  Claude asked him if he would like to hear a new song.  The chorus of the song goes  “…one red sky….heralding hope….one red sky  and it’s a brand new day…”  It is a very powerful and uplifting song.