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This series is about the peacefulness of the morning.  I enjoy feeding the birds and I love to appreciate the colors of the early morning sunlight.  In this imagery, you see the unfolding new growth reaching for a new day.  You can feel the quiet joy  of  a serene scene.

The black glass that I have formulated is a deep blue-black that also has the potential for fluorescence as the ultraviolet from sunlight excites the cobalt molecules.

Claude Duperron writes:

When I was a lad growing up in the northern Alberta town of Peace River I would walk by "Moccasin Flats" on my way to school each day. This was a swampy area where the cat tails and the reeds grew abundant. You could hear the call of the red-winged black bird. In late fall when it was twilight you could look through the reeds at the hills and the reddish sky in the background.